About Us

Our Company

Pentalpha Investment Management Pty Ltd is a boutique Australian share manager with an experienced and successful investment team.

Pentalpha has introduced Australia’s first Grannuity (growth annuity) fund via its Pentalpha Income for Life Fund. This Fund focusses on strong tax-effective income and capital preservation.

Our Philosophy

The investment philosophy underlying the Pentalpha Income for Life Fund (IFL) is that ASX listed equities can provide a reliable income stream for risk averse investors. The Pentalpha investment process is specifically targeting “sustainably high yielding stocks”. Pentalpha focuses on active management of a high yielding Australian equities portfolio and supplements income and mitigates risk through the implementation of a derivative based risk management process. The intended outcome is delivery of a low volatility, moderate growth annuity (‘Grannuity’) to the yield focused investor.

Our Fund

The responsible entity of the Fund is Equity Trustees Limited who has appointed Pentalpha Investment Management Pty Ltd as investment manager. Equity Trustees’ role in monitoring the performance of service providers and a diagram of flow of funds through the Fund.

Our People

The Pentalpha investment team has over 60 years of investment experience.

Investment Team

Denis Donohue

Key Manager / Senior Investment Professional

Pentalpha Investment Management is a majority staff owned boutique investment manager. Denis has over 27 years of investment experience within the Australian Funds Management industry. Denis has a deep knowledge of funds management which commenced in 1989 as a analyst investing across a broad range of Australia’s market sectors. In 2004 Denis became head of Suncorp's $5.5 billion Australian Share Fund. Between 2008 - 2013, as founding Managing Director & Head of Equities, Denis built Solaris Investment Management into a $5.0 billion Australian Share Fund. Denis has a proven track record of success in developing Funds Management businesses and managing investment teams to deliver consistently superior performance.

Ewan Macleod

Key Manager / Senior Investment Professional

Ewan Macleod is the other senior investment professional at Pentalpha and is Head of Research. Ewan brings 34 years of investment experience to the Fund. Ewan started his career in funds management as an Australian equities research analyst, which then transitioned into the role of Portfolio Manager of Equities, Fixed Interest & Cash at Suncorp Investment Management.

A decade on, Ewan continued in a similar role at the highly regarded RACQ Investments, before joining Pentalpha.

Distribution & Operations Team

James Jarvis

Director, Distribution


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Moira Pryce

Director, Operations


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